What is ScrubPay?

ScrubPay is a cloud-based payment app for patients to easily pay their patient responsibility medical expenses via text from their mobile device.

How does it work?

Hospitals, practices, and medical billing companies can import readily available patient statement information to schedule SMS payments notifications. These text notifications contain a secure smart-link allowing patients to easily pay their bill from their smartphone.

“65% of people state that they would pay faster if given a clean, secure electronic method of payment.”

We Do Not Replace Any Current Vendor…

ScrubPay does not replace your current medical billing vendor. Our payment application can be leveraged by your current vendor or medical billing staff to streamline patient communications and collections. ScrubPay does not require any sensitive patient information and provides an easy and intuitive payment experience.

“Smartphones are checked on average 150 times per day and people respond to text messages 98% of the time.”
Save The Trees!

ScrubPay increases patient speed to pay and has been used to collect payments electronically before statement files are mailed to the patient. Save trees, time and money using our simple payment platform before sending your patient billing statements.

Handling Patient Payments Over 60 Days?

Many organizations struggle to collect Self-Pay and Balance After Insurance (BAI) payments from patients. Our application has been used to collect patient payments up to 470 days past day of service. Collections on these balances are “found money” for institutions that do not have the time or resources to collect patient payments after the 180-day mark.

The High-Deductible Plan…

Of individuals that entered the healthcare insurance marketplace, 87% chose High-Deductible Health Plans (HDHP). In January, hospitals and practices will be responsible for collecting an unprecedented amount of revenue from patient payments. With patients paying only $0.25 for every $1 billed, new, proactive measures must be taken to maintain cash flow.

Real ROI from Patient Payments

ScrubPay’s payment app can be layered with your current billing processes and requires no up-front cost to your organization. ScrubPay is helping organizations see 2x the expect patient revenue collections at a fraction of the cost.

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